Anderson Cooper 360 Review – Going Beyond the Headlines


Want to hear the latest news on Trump’s new policies? Need a comprehensive analysis of the everyday political events? Anderson Cooper 360 review brings you the hottest news of the day from multiple viewpoints. So you not only get in-depth coverage but also the other side of the story enabling you to form your own opinion on the matter.

It is markedly different from the conventional talk shows where you are forced to listen to heated arguments and still not have a sound knowledge of the real issue. Anderson really goes beyond the headlines clearly delineating the current affairs into points that even the layman can understand, not just the experts of analysis. The show AC360 is aired at 8 pm ET and is repeated at 10 pm ET on CNN on all the weeknights.

If you are looking for a comprehensive and coherent analysis of the current news across the globe, tune in to Anderson Cooper 360 every day at 8 pm ET. You can access videos and other content of the show at

Anderson Cooper 360 – Segments of Show

The show comprises of following segments:

  • AC360
  • True politics
  • Keeping them honest
  • Crime and punishment
  • The Ridiculist
  • American Journey


The brand new blog of AC 360 is your hub to all the new stories. Here you can not only watch all the latest shows but also sneak into the behind the camera stories. AC360 blog also features the extended versions of some of the biggest and the most influential discussions and interviews of Anderson Cooper. View the blog page of Anderson Cooper 360 at


AC360 is markedly different from the typical evening TV casts. Its unique content combines with the light humor of Anderson Cooper is refreshing and entertaining unlike the crude and boring style of the most talk shows.

AC360 won two Emmy Awards in 2011 for their extensive coverage of the earthquake in Haiti. It also received Emmy Awards in 2006 for outstanding coverage of the famine in Nigeria and for a feature story on a Charity Hospital.


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