Angry Spouse? Increase Intimacy by Using This Anger


Experiencing an Angry Spouse, learn to handle and dealing with your angry wife. One can use anger to increase intimacy in your relationship. When it comes to anger, it is a very widespread and ordinary thing. You must have seen your parents fighting and then getting okay with each other. There exists a thing called Spiritual intimacy which is far stronger than physical intimacy. Spiritual intimacy is the soul to soul connection.

We are all in the same boat you are not alone when it comes to angry spouse relationship. We are here to help you employ your anger into an increased spiritual intimacy. You cannot simply cut your ties with the other person on minimal disputes and very mild issues. Anger can bring out the best in your spiritual relationship.

Angry Spouse Handling Techniques

Anger Messes up Relationships

Yeah! Anger can sometimes spoil relationships. Marriage is the name of tolerance and patience. If your spouse has done a negligible mistake you can simply ignore it. We sometimes get too much involved in other person’s life that we miss the needed Space. Who is there without flaws? So you should simply neglect other person’s mistakes in order to give your relationship strength. But sometimes, it happens that when you are not showing your anger, the other person might think You Do not Care!

Be Patient

Anger is the best way to refresh the spiritual intimacy with your spouse. If you are angry at her/him, you can simply show it. You should never be harsh and loud, but you can be patient. Use your words and a very respectable way to show your anger. You can simply have a day out or you can take some time to calm down first. The thing you can do next is forgetting the issues occurred in the past. Anger is creative and opens the gates of many possibilities that how can you solve your issues.

Anger Shows your Concern

In the case of long distance relationships, diminishing contact is not the way you can live a happy life with your partner. A leopard can’t change his spots, you cannot change who you are and let the other person accept you as who you are. If you are angry at your partner, show your anger to show your concern. Do not get mad by asking her/him to block you to avoid drastic change in your life.

Anger Depicts your Care

Anger is a dime a dozen! You can’t run away from it as you are a human being. You are born with it. If you use your anger wisely, it will show your care for the other person. A house divided against itself cannot stand! A contented relationship is a side by side process. You can convince your partner by using your negative energy positively. Try to be wise. Use your innate wisdom to use your anger.

Have a grip on your words will show how much you care about your life partner. If you are gifted with the negative energy of anger, you can surely use it positively and shrewdly to let her/him know that you care.


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