8 Awesome Wedding gift ideas for Couples 2017


Best Wedding Gift Ideas to pick great wedding gift ideas for couples & time to think shop unique wedding gifts to preset gift and attract lovely affection for new bride. Are your Wedding bells going to ring? This is your time to explore wedding gift ideas to go without saying. It is the thought for others that counts. You can how your thoughts and intentions by the exchange of gifts ritual.

Best Wedding Gift Ideas – For Couples

As far as wedding is concerned, it is the change to show how much you care about the couple who is going to walk down the aisle. The couple is going to let you in its wedding ceremony so it deserves best wedding gifts. For the marriage happens once in life, try going for a valuable gift for the couple.

Read Best Wedding Gift Ideas you can Think upon to Buy the Right Gift for Bride.

1- Photo Prints

Photo Prints

Show your love through the photo prints. You can make a photo print unique by printing the collage of images of couple. Try to be crafty in the photo selection to leave an excellent impression. Choose high quality photos and an elegant photo frame of immense size excluding too much flowers and life size hearts.

2-Mug set

Mug set weddings gifts


The mug sets for couples are available on every gift shop. You can either go for personalized mug sets by printing the wedding date along with couple’s photograph on it. Get the, an outstanding mug set. If you are buying it for your bride, you can also buy a little teddy bear with it too.

3-A well embroidered tapestry

embroidered tapestry weddings gifts

A three shaded well knitted tapestry would be of immense importance. Get the one from your nearest handicraft shop. The artifacts is going to be with the couple forever so make sure it is of god quality making It memorable and long-lasting.

4- Wedding waltz frames

Wedding waltz frames

If you are creative enough, you should create a wedding waltz image in your mind and get it printed and eventually frame it. A wedding waltz photo frame along with Champaign bottle set serves as the best decor for newlywed couple.

5- Pair of dresses for the couple

 Pair of dresses wedding gifts

If you are trying to extra smart, then be. Buy outfits for both according to their liking and disliking. Make sure you do not end being a piece of ridicule for the couple, so buy the thing according to their choices. Do not buy out dated attires and outfits. You can gift the couple outfits along with the small decors and stuff.

6- A nice piece of art

piece of art wedding gifts

A nice piece of art will be a heart map! A heart map décor serves as the best wall décor for the couple making your gift significant. You can insert in the map, the geographical description of the areas both bride and groom belongs to, to give your gift a wonderful effect.

7- A chocolate box along with a life-size teddy bear chocolate box & teddy bear wedding gifts


Chocolates always serve as the wonderful gift as they are most admired eatables indeed. You can be prominent by gifting your newlywed friends with their favorite Hershey’s chocolate truffle box.  A big life size white furry teddy bear will be a magnificent gift for the couple.

8- Wine glasses

Wine glasses wedding gifts

There are many couple wine glasses sets available in the town that you can opt to show your love and concern for the couple. This would be unique and elegant gift from your side.

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