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IAMS Pet Food is made with high quality of ingredients, get IAMS dog food, IAMS cat food with complete ingredients details at Having a constant cuddling companion by your side and sharing your whole life with it provides you not just an ethereal sense of relaxation and comfort but a way of nurturing empathy in your own self.  When you come home from a long tiring day and your pet welcomes you in its own unique way, all your stress and tiredness seems to wear off.

While it is sometimes endorsed as a trend that is continually reinforced by popularity, pet-keeping is actually more of a necessity for some people. The presence of these non-human creatures gives a queer kind of pleasure to such people.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. Anatole France

IAMS Pet Food – What’s the Difference

Whatever the philosophy behind your pet-keeping, one thing that naturally comes along with it is the provision of best care to your pets. After all, what separates a pet animal from a wild one? And while many of us do appreciate this fact, we overlook one fact of the utmost importance: the pet’s health matters too. The basic food safety principles do not apply just to your own food but to your pets’ food too.

While there are lots of pet food products available in the markets many of them do not have the premium quality that you might expect from them. This lack of healthy food products for pets moved Paul F. Iams to establish a premium pet food company called the IAMS in 1946 with an aim to enhance the quality of life of cats and dogs.

IAMS has put years of research and innovation to ensure the delivery of finest quality food products to all the pets around the globe. The IAMS Company strives to serve as the forerunner in the evolution of pet food industry contributing significantly to the health and longevity of the cats and dogs. If you are worried about your pet’s health and seek to provide for him food items that are not just palatable but highly nutritious, go to

You can browse your desired food products by clicking at ‘Shop Products’ section on the top of the home page. You can choose the specific category depending on the life stage of your pet, the size of the portion and the type of food your pet loves. There are different product lines for cats and dogs. The cat product lines include IAMS VETERINARY FORMULA, IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH, IAMS PURRFECT DELIGHTS, and IAMS PURRFECT DELECACIES. The dog product lines include IAMS SO GOOD, IAMS WOOF DELIGHTS, IAMS HEALTHY NATURALS, IAMS SHAKEABLES and IAMS NATURISTICS.

Under the ‘CAT RESOURCES AND DOG RESOURCES’ sections, you would find a detailed guide for breed selection and comparison. It also has advice for your pets’ health suited to their life stage groups. You would find answers to such questions as ‘Is your puppy ready for adult food? How to evaluate which food is best for your dog? Why is nutrition important for healthy skin and coat? In short, IAMS has tried to clarify all the common queries of the pet-keepers in this section.


When you register at IAMS, you receive exclusive promotions and offers, advice from finest pet experts and regular updates about new products and offers. You just need to submit your email address and your pet’s basic information for registration. You can also sign up for IAMS newsletter and promotions by using your email address.


IAMS strives to ensure 100% customer satisfaction; in any case, if you are not satisfied with your purchase IAMS promises to give you a full refund.


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