4 Long Distance Relationship Tips to Survive With Your Love


These long distance relationship tips will help you to make you connected with your love with more strength. It’s a saying that never gives up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about. Are you thinking about him/her and are hesitant to text her/him first? These long distance relationship tips will help you to make you connected with your love with more strength. Brace yourself, hold your breaths and phone, start typing a Hi to let her/him know what you feel about him/her. Give her the red carpet feeling by texting her on regular basis.

Long Distance Relationship Tips

A relationship is a name of what you think about the other person.  If she/he texts you, reply her/him and listen to her/him to show what is your thought about her/him. Sometimes it happens that the next person is waiting for you to text and to show concern, be the first to text and to let him/her know that you are her/his love, confidante, the most adored one person.

Do not forget your lovable moments you both spent together focusing on a single mistake the other person has committed. Sometimes, couples end up ruining their love life due to uncertainties and misconceptions; avoid these to live a healthy relationship. Always remember, Distance doesn’t ruin a relationship, doubts and insecurities do. Below, we are giving you four hacks to survive a long distance relationship.

1. Text her First

Do not let everything run into sand by waiting for her text. Girls are always hesitant to show care and love. If you are in a long distance relationship, you should be the first to text. Sometimes it happens that she longs for you and is hesitant to text you to avoid any commotion or trouble in your life. She is the one who is going to make your life heaven if you give her enough care and fondness.

2. Ask him About his Day

Maintain a friendly relationship with him by texting him. Remember, you are the one who is going to make your life heaven or hell. If you want a friendly and affectionate conduct you should do the same. He should be your priority and for this, you should text him without any hesitation. If your guy is much elder than you, you should be asking him how was his office and how did he go on the work, this will add to your value in his life.

3. Try to Stay Connected

Stay organized, read books and give him/her space in his/her life. Do not get that much into other person’s personal life to escape any sort of misconception in his/her mind. In short, avoid being a sticky tick and let him/her enjoy their family life too. Girls usually have a habit of sneaking into other person’s life, do not be a sticker and give him some space!

4. Go for Video Calls

Calls are the most important part of any relationship. Video calls are the most effective way to stay in contact. The first and essential demand of a long distance relationship are connections. This is the thing that decides the fate of your relationship. If you want your relationship to survive, stay in touch with the person through video or audio calls and text messages.


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