How to Activate Mall Gift Card Activation Process


Mygift.giftcardmall.comMall Gift Card Activation Process is to visit the website, buy more than 15 cards need to register you to activate the Mall Gift Card. You can get the popular retail branded cards from the – Intro & Overview

There is no need to register you to activate the Mall Gift Card. But if you have the more than 15 cards of the one brand, then you must have to activate your card. You can get the special offers of your visa gift card but you have to activate your card to enjoy these special offers. You can visit to get the services of visa gift card. There are the two ways to register your visa gift card depending upon your visa card number.

How to Activate Gift Card Mall Gift Card

  • If you need to activate your card, then you must read this out. We have discussed the procedure as well as instructions to switch on or activate your gift card.
  • The card holders can activate their card easily and comfortably.
  • The process to activate the Gift Card Mall gift card is not much difficult and tough. You can activate your card online through the website of the gift card mall
  • You just have to provide some information in order to activate your card. First of all, you have to select the card by retailer, and then you need to enter the gift card number, 4-digit activation code that is present in the carrier you received.
  • If you lose your gift card or your card is stolen, then you cannot replace your card.


Visa Gift Card Registration Steps 

If your initial visa card number is 441669, then you should go to

On the other hand, if your visa card number is starting with the 435880 or 403446, then you should visit


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