Relationship Mistakes Which People Commit Frequently While Young


Some Relationship Mistakes you might be making. Even for the relationship that is based on pure love, there is more to make it work. You think you are deep in love but then everything turns upside down. You are stranded in the middle of an island all alone. All those things you thought you two would figure out together now seem to mock you. There is no ’together’ anymore. Although you sit on the same sofa and share the same bed, your thoughts wander off to different places and there is not a word spoken between you two.

Yet looking at all those years, you just can’t make out where you went wrong. You recall the first time you met, that feeling in your stomach you have never had before. You were so sure it was the first and the last time you would feel that way; you were of the view that this strong love between you two would suffice for everything. But sometimes you have just not found the right person.

Relationship Mistakes To Avoid

It’s true you cannot find a perfect person but falling for a person just because of momentary attraction when in fact you two are worlds apart is stupid. In fact, this is the mistake that almost everyone had made sometime in his/her life. But even for the relationship that is based on pure love, there is more to make it work. There is more to it than romance, and if it lacks those attributes that love is going to change into coldness and eventually into total indifference. Here are some of the most common relationship mistakes you might be making:


If you want your relationship to blossom, trust is the most fundamental principle. You have to believe in what your partner says and you have to stop doubting their instincts. If you don’t trust people you can’t work with them comfortably and that makes your relationships awkward.

If you have been betrayed before, it doesn’t mean you have to keep an eye on every move of the person you are with now. Without trust even the most trivial things seem to throw you in doubts and even the strongest love is bound to fall apart.


Doing everything the way you want and expecting others to make adjustments doesn’t help your relationship either. If you just don’t ever try to compromise, and is too rigid about your own whims and comforts, everyone would walk out of your life. No one wants to be punished for loving someone, so don’t chain them to your choices. Let them breathe, let them have a life. Learn to listen to your partner and try to figure out his/her point of view.


While you may think it doesn’t matter to have respect in a relationship, it is crucial to ensure the dignity of your relationship. You need to care about the self-respect of your partner. And that goes for the arguments too; don’t just pour out all the frustration by cursing your partner. Don’t say things that you’ll probably regret for the rest of your lives. Remember not to harm their ego while taking care of yours.


How would you feel if no one is there to back you up? If no one just supports you in your decisions? You would feel desolate and pathetic. So if you want support for yourself your partner wants it too. No matter what, don’t leave them in the middle of a difficult situation alone. Help them come out of it.  Your support can work wonders for them, just a small motivational sentence will make them feel secure and confident about their decisions.

It’s Not Over!

Even if you have made some or all of these relationships in the past, there is always time to turn over a new life. If you are struggling with a relationship or if you are thinking about getting into a new one, make sure you avoid these mistakes in future.


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