Five Common Mistakes in Life Most People Encounter in 20s


The 3 Mistakes of my Life, here below are some common mistakes in life people make in their early 20s. When it comes to teenage and the time period 17-22, this is the most. Have you ever thought that this is the time in your life to change the horse in midstream by making yourself different than others? Every 50 adults out of 100 commit the mistakes that give them a lesson for the rest of their life. Check out these common mistakes in life, you must have experienced it too. Some mistakes cast a long shadow on your life making you a better person.

The 3 Mistakes of my Life – Common in Others Also

All of us have gone through the situations in our lives that turned us into better and transformed us in a good way. These mistakes are the makers of what we are today. When it comes to teenage and the time period 17-22, this is the most critical period and human being is more prone towards mistakes. Below are mentioned some common mistakes in life people make in their early 20s

We Do Not Trust Our Parents

We do not have all ears for what our parents say. Remember they are experienced and know more than you do! But still, we slip out of their hands making our life more difficult and complicated.  They are parents after all and they have brought us to the world so they are worth listening to. We do not realize this fact until we come to the age of 25 or 30!

We Want Everything to Happen All At Once

Moreover, we crave for the charms of being grownups and do not stay patient for our desires of getting our aims accomplished. We set goals for ourselves and do not stay patient to achieve them. There’s a quote “give time sometimes so it can manage time for you”. But we do not realize this and get involved in shortcuts to achieve certain goals.

We Get Too Much Involved in Career-Making

Being adult causes too many tensions in life. One of them is the career for sure. We get too much involved in our career making that we forget the true meaning of life. When you are that much rigid in your career making preparations, you hardly have time for your family and friends etc.

We Do Not Take Life As It Is

We blame life and fortune for every mishap in life, forgetting that this misfortune or mishap is the consequence of our own mistake. You become cynical and skeptical about religion and start questioning the ethics and morals due to your own spoiled love life.

The “No One Loves Me” Approach

When we are young we are definitely suffering from some kind of attention seeking syndrome. When we fail to get the attention, we reach to the state of mind that we are not worthy enough to be loved. This makes things more complicated for you.

Most of the people in their early 20s suffer from ‘lowliness’ complex and do not realize their true worth by depending on others’ opinions. Not taking their opinions seriously is a key to happy life!


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