Advance Auto Part Rebates

5 – Claim your Advance Auto Part rebates today if recently you bought any type of auto parts. Open website in your browser to claim. If you are looking to get your rebates on your auto parts but you can’t make the time than you don’t need to look further. – Intro & Overview

With the use of Advance auto part rebates you can collect your rebates at home by applying online. You can even track your rebate using the Advance auto part rebate. The procedure is online so you don’t have to make extra time for it.

Requirements for Advance Auto Part Rebates

Firstly you should be 18 years of age. Secondly, your rebate date should be valid and they should not be expired.

How to Use Advance Auto Part Rebates

  • To get the process started you need to visit the link
  • There you need to enter your purchase method and some additional information. Once you click on continue a registration form will appear.
  • The form requires some basic personal information like name, address, contact information and whether you like to receive updates or not.
  • Print the rebate form and sign it. Attach the required documentation and mail these to the address that is provided to you.

Tracking Of Your Rebate

  • You can track your rebate easily. Just click on the link
  • You can either give your tracking number and zip code or the email and zip code you provided on the rebate application.
  • Once entered click submits and you can track your rebate.
Getting Updates

To get updates through mail go to the link and enter your email and zip code.

To receive by SMS check the yes box in the receiving updates by SMS option.


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