American Express Gift Card

0 – American Express Gift Card for business or personal gift card at website, is tailored to meet all needs of a society. American Express Gift card is same as that is American Express Card. – Intro & Overview

Coming to the functionality, a gift card is acceptable everywhere where express card works. Along with lot more advantages, AMEX gift card have specially built-in refund and replacement quality. In case, if someone lost his/her gift card or it is stolen, the amount in it will be refunded to the customer.

Gift cards of American Express have sub-divisions of various categories depending upon its usage. Business gift cards and business logo gift cards include all those cards which are going to be use in any business means.

Types of Amex Gift Cards –¬†American Express Gift Cards

For awarding employees and say thank you to customers. In the case of rewarding a worker, custom message gift cards can be used. Besides this, personalized gift card plays an important role in your personal life. For your loved ones and special occasions, American express gift cards come without any monthly fee. It does not have any lost value as well.

Amount Limits on American Express/Gift Cards

On the size of American Express/gift card, there is a price limit in each category of cards. Personal cards can be of maximum $5,000 while business cards are of maximum $75,000. If someone wants to have a card of more than this price, he is supposed to call at 1-800-316-4420. To put your business logo on the cards, dial the same number.

Top Best Gift Cards

Customers use to visit and as to place their orders. Besides American Express, Walmart and Netflix are also offering gift cards at and respectively. By comparing all of them, one can get an idea of better ones. One may receive a message from American Express about tax information. In the case of receiving that, go to to update it.


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