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California LifeLine program allows lower price phone and mobile services to eligible homes. You can visit to apply for a discount and enroll in it. Furthermore it is a state program and is only for the citizens of California. One household is eligible for only one discount. Moreover the discount is only available either on home phone or mobile phone.

First of all you have to check your eligibility, if you get it and find LifeLine right for you. Then you can apply for it, first of all you have to inform you telecom company. For this, you will call them and tell them you are applying for California Lifeline. The company will start the application process on your behalf. Remember that only Approved Companies can only enroll you in this program.

While you are applying for it, you might need date of birth, and SSN. Some time if person do not have SSN he use the Tribal ID#. Moreover some other documents may be required. You have to choose from two available LifeLine programs from official website at Federal LifeLine Program & California LifeLine Program are both available. With their own benefits, you can Compare Both of These to select which suits you.

But before reading the above page, first of all you have to see are you qualified for it. If you are not aware about it, see is California LifeLine Program is Right For You.

After reading this, you will be sure about your eligibility. If you find the program right for you then call your phone company. Soon you will get the form (in 21 day), which have PIN on it. When you receive that, Visit HERE to apply for discount and benefits online.

Give your phone number and PIN at the above page, which you open. Finally in the last field enter the source which tells you about the program. Continue to next and complete all the information which the website calls. You can check the status of your application after submitting it.

Finally, LifeLine program notify you for your status of eligibility OR disqualification.

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