What is Chase Megamind Rewards Program & How to Use It


The Chase Megamind rewards program can help you to get 2 tickets for 1. See other rewards & benefits with this program. For details and terms visit Official Website. JP Morgan Chase introduced a Chase Freedom Card that works as a credit card.

It offers a hundred dollar bonus for each sign-up. It is specifically created for those individuals who want to earn rewards on each spending. A five and one percent cash back is available for valued customers.

Chase Megamind Rewards Program – Intro & Features

Following rewards can be obtained by the Chase Megamind Reward Program;

  • Two for one ticket
  • A chance to attend the Los Angeles Premiere for Megamind with friends
  • A five percent cash back at theaters

Following are the other rewards which includes

  1. On spending a five hundred dollar in the initial three months one can get a hundred dollar cash back. This is valid for the Freedom Card users.
  2. On up to fifteen hundred purchases for every three months, a five percent cash back can be obtained5% cash back.
  3. On all other purchases, one percent cash back can be obtained.

Rewards are actually the points earned at each purchase and these points can be redeemed as cash backs. One percent cash back means a single point that is one point. One point equals to 0.01 dollar. For example, one thousand points can be redeemed for a ten dollar check. This is how the reward system works here for all the cash back services.

The terms and conditions may apply. All customers are hereby required to follow up the website so as to stay updated about all activities.


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