Use Discount Tire Rebates Program to Get More from Your Tires


Discount Tire Rebates to save on tires. Check out the options which you can opt for with Discount Tire Rebates Program. Visit to have an overview about terms. Discount Tire Company was founded by the Bruce T. Halle. It is the American wheel retailer headquartered in the Scottsdale, Arizona.For the safe journey, drivers should replace their tires regularly.

Drivers can replace their four tires of Dunlop or Goodyear and can also get the $80 visa prepaid card as the rebate. The customers cannot get a better chance of replacing their vehicle`s tires.

Discount Tire Rebates – Intro & Features

There are the two ways to submit your rebate. The customers can either submit their rebate online or through the mail. Both of these methods are described below:

Submit Rebates Online
  • Go to
  • Provide your offer code, transaction date, phone number and invoice number as well. If you are facing any difficulty to proceed forward, then click on the option “See Example” to get help.
  • After entering all information, click on the button “Next”.
  • Once you have entered the information that is required, then the data will be matched with your invoice.
Submit Rebates Through Mail
  • Open the link given as follows and download the redemption form.
  • Fill the information that is required on the form.
  • After entering the information, mail the form to Goodyear NPP3 Event #H044529, P.O Box 130002, El Paso, TX 88513-0002.
How to Check Discount Tire Rebate Status Online

In order to check the rebate status online, follow the given below steps:

  1. Go to This LINK.
  2. If customers have submitted Rebates online, then they have to enter the email address. But if customers have submitted the rebates through the mail, then customers have to enter their last name, address, and Zip Code.
  3. Click on the option “Check”.

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