Florida Unemployment Application, Benefits, Eligibilty etc.


Check Florida unemployment application process, here we provide some info about benefits and eligibility for that. Visit www.Floridajobs.org if any person is out of work not due to his own fault then he can apply for unemployment benefits. It is also some time call as ‘Reemployment assistance’ by officials of state. Department of Economic Opportunity over views all such applications in Florida.

Florida Unemployment Application – Are You Eligible

If you fulfill the eligibility requirements as available below. Then you qualify to claim for and collect unemployment benefits in Florida. The revenue which you earn in past must hit a specific minimum amount. Furthermore the unemployment status must be not due to your own fault. Finally, you must be actively looking for work, available for it and able to do work.

Monetary Requirements For Eligibility
  • To qualify for unemployment benefit your base period the earnings and work history must fulfill this criteria. The base period is most recent 4 out of 5 calendar quarters starting just from date of claim filling.
  • You must receive wages for minimum 2 quarters within the base period.
  • Next you must earn in base period at least 1.5 times the highest wage received in any quarter from base period.
  • Finally, you must earn minimum $3,400 in total wages during base period.
Non-Monetary Requirements For Eligibility
  • In this section you can find terms which applies to your eligibility for Florida reemployment assistance program. You are eligible to get it if you out of job due to any reason except voluntarily quitting or misconduct.
  • Misconduct; It is an intentional and controllable action OR failure in taking action which lead to deliberate disregard of the employer’s interests.
  • If you are still not sure that you qualify or not for unemployment compensation. Then you must apply for it because the eligibility will be determined when you are filling the claim.

How Much & How Long You Can Get Unemployment Benefits In Florida

The amount of benefit that you get from Florida Re-employment Assistance Program is calculated using this formula. They will take the total earnings for highest paid period (from base period) and divide it by 26. You can get maximum of $275 per week according to current rules. On the other side the time limit up to which you can get this benefit is between 12 to 23 weeks. The time also depends on the Florida’s current unemployment rates.

File an Unemployment Claim

To file a claim, there are two options available for you. You can connect with the official website of Agency at www.floridajobs.org to submit it online.

However, you can also submit it by using the phone number 1-800-204-2418 during Monday to Friday. This option of filling is only for illiterate and disable peoples.

Once you submit it, you will get a notification from agency which shows acceptance and rejection of claim. The very first step is to pass the Monetary eligibility criteria. On the other hand, at next agency Adjudicator will then determine and overview your case at other criteria. After that you will get another notification letter for confirmation of acceptance. You can then request the benefits every 2 weeks.

How can you Appeal a Denial for Benefits

If you get a rejection, then you can file an appeal to review the decision of agency. The appeal must be filed within 20 days since you get the rejection decision. You can file an appeal either online, by mail or by fax. The agency will schedule a telephone hearing as they receive the appeal from your. Furthermore you will get a mail with some information to help you prepare for case. After hearing the referee will decide and you will receive the decision via mail.

If you disagree with this decision, you can re-appeal the decision to Unemployment Appeals Commission. The same restriction as above, you have to file this appeal within 20 days after the decision you receive. The commissioner will review the evidence from recent hearing. After that, he will issue a written decision.

If you still not agree with this decision you can appeal against it in Florida District Court of Appeal.


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