How to Activate Mall Gift Card

0 – To activate gift card, one have to sign in to website as a registered member, there are two types of mall gift cards to select from. This is a visa prepaid gift card and it is used to for the purchases of merchandise and services everywhere Visa Debit cards are used and accepted. – Intro & Overview

To Activate Mall gift card, you can follow the steps below. Registered customers also can get promotional information and special offers. As already explained that you can use this Visa card anywhere you like provided that they accept Visa debit cards. You will find such millions of locations. Not only by the person you can use them online or by phone also. If you wish to use it online you will need to provide cardholder information and registration of card.

Activate Mall Gift Card – Instructions

Now the procedure for online registration is very simple and easy. You just need to enter your gift card number then you will enter last four digits of your phone number. At next enter three digit security number that is printed on your card. Doing this you will be able to validate your card.

You can also register your card on My Account page. After registering your card you can get discounts from leading retailers by just clicking on Special Offers. Now you can use your gift card any number of time and the purchases you made will result in a deduction of your balance from your account. Also, this service is available 24/7.

You cannot use Visa card as redeemable for cash, except as law requires. You can also not use it at ATM, gambling or merchants that require a manual imprint of the card. Additional restrictions may also apply. In case the card is stolen, it is suggested that you write down the customer service number and card number from the back of the card. Learn more at


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