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Visit to check IKEA Sale & discount offers for your home furniture and furnishings, check out latest catalogues and shop online. It’s easy to aspire for a dream house but it takes a lot of acuity and vision to turn your dream into a reality. There are a lot of tiny and intricate details that add to the grandeur of your house and keeping them all in mind while you decide your home décor can be gruesome. Even if you have a clear picture of the perfect and the most blissful place imaginable, you might still have trouble in truly integrating all the pieces of art in your home while ensuring the comfort and sense of calmness.

Unless you are an interior designer and have the perfect sense of style, you do need to have inspiration and guidance when you decide on your interior and other home décor items. That’s when IKEA makes your life easier. If you are planning to decorate or renovate your house, having a peek at is truly worth it. To Join IKEA Family

IKEA aspires to deliver finest quality home furnishing items and accessories to its customers at the most economical prices so that their products are within the reach of even the average salary people. With this business concept, IKEA continues to grow and expand. Their People and Planet- friendly philosophy is what not only sustains their place in the world market but the planet at large.

IKEA Sale & DIscount Offers

IKEA Family membership lets you enjoy exclusive discounts, in-store events, and food offers. You can join IKEA FAMILY by clicking on ‘JOIN IKEA FAMILY’ icon on the top of the web page. Some of its amazing exclusive offers are:

  • Free coffee or hot tea at IKEA restaurant
  • 90-day price protection
  • Chance to win a $100 gift card
  • Extra 30 minutes in SMALAND (A supervised children’s play area)
  • 20% off on all MOLGER bathroom furniture
  • 15% on all PAX/KOMPLEMENT wardrobes
  • 50% off all bathroom towels

IKEA FAMILY card can be redeemed online or in-store.  Whenever you shop using your IKEA FAMILY CARD, your purchase history gets updated which you can view by opening your online IKEA FAMILY account. You can check out the latest IKEA FAMILY offers by going to ‘Offers’ section right away.


IKEA issues an annual catalog that is full of wonderful inspirational ideas for your home décor. You can request a digital or printed catalog by clicking on ‘Join our email list’. The customers will have to sign up using your email address and then you can either download the digital version right away or can get a printed catalog by mail. You will also be subscribed to promotional emails but can choose not to receive them when you sign up.


IKEA planning tools help you turn your dream of a perfect home into reality. Before you actually place an order, you can play with colors, style, and configuration so that you can decide which of your favorite IKEA items actually work together. The IKEA home planner lets you visually imagine your place even before you fill it with furniture and other décor stuff.


Selecting a gift for someone can be a really arduous task; how can you choose something that not just proves to be useful but suits your loved ones’ tastes as well. IKEA provides you an easy solution for this perplexing situation. IKEA Gift Cards are easy to use and can be purchased online. You just need to pick the value of the card, and your friends and relatives are free to choose whatever they want. These gift cards can be redeemed in-store or online and have no expiry.


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