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Jumpstart Games are intended to bridging the gap between fun and academics. They help the child to learn with games, visit www.jumpstart.com to start playing. Most of the parents consider that the only effective way to teach or educate their children is to enroll them in schools or learning centers. Where they are meant to be taught by teachers and books and a heavy course load. In a restrict and disciplined environment where they are forbidden to express any kind of non-serious attitude or perform any activities against the rules of administration. But in actual, there are a lot more ways through which children can be taught and accommodated with better learning.

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. The play is really the work of childhood.” Fred Rogers

Jumpstart Games Intro

A restricted classroom or the fear of teacher’s punishment is not necessary to make a child learn. Children need to be taught how to think not what to think. Kids get the best of learning when they are left with choices and options to select between right and wrong. Especially along with some guidance and supervision. This type of schooling can be provided by means of games, plays and fun activities. In which the child is free to think and make decisions without the fear of any punishment. Besides to that, he/she is able to adopt any option of its own. Such kind of exciting learning environment is brought by JumpStart for the youngsters.

Since the year 1991, JumpStart has set the bar of eminence in developing educational software for kids. After expanding more than 15 years on providing some of the masterly and outstanding learning tools for children. Which are based on both home and classroom level, JumpStart took a step to further revolutionize children’s learning through games.

JumpStart Introduces a Virtual Gaming World for Kids

In 2008, JumpStart launched an online platform ‘JumpStart.com’ for transporting the young learners to a virtual world. Which is characterized by an enjoyable scholastic and informative experience. Through its ingenious approach to bridging the gap between fun and academics. JumpStart.com has not only encouraged its young players to prioritize education. But it has also promoted a fascinating and interesting learning environment.

JumpStart.com has been one of the first websites to deliver learning games in a browser with extraordinary and spectacular 3D graphics. Which provides kids and youngsters an interactive and discovering online arena. Where they can not only learn new things but can also make friends and socialize with pupils of their age group.

To start playing and entering an amazing 3D world of academics, the children need their parents to make an online account on the website of JumpStart.com which is a no big deal. Parents just have to go to the web page and hit the ‘Create Account’ button, following which a short registration form appears which needs to be filled with the required information such as Parents’ name and their date of birth, email, password and the kid’s name.

After clicking the ‘Finish’ icon, the child can enjoy all types of games, activities, worksheets and other learning tools to reach a new level of knowledge and inspiration. JumpStart has offered so many things to watch and do that even after months of exploring it, children may have only scratched the surface. It has been an outstanding tool for turning learning into fun.


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