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Visit for latest hats, jerseys, sports apparel from official leagues, you can shop online at or visit a store location near you. The wearing hat is a unique and gentle way to express one’s personality. Millions of people belonging to several countries, different cultures, languages and owning distinct customs wear hats to express their singular traits.

“Hats are radical, only people that wear hats understand that” Philip Treacy

There are thousands of exclusive kinds of hats which are designed and fashioned all over the world. Some of the most common types of hats include Ascot Cap, Baseball Cap, Beanie, Bucket Hat, Roller Hat, Cloche Hat or Flapper Hat, Fedora hat, Brimmed or Sun Hat and several others. For Offers & Products

Most of the public like to wear fashion hats to add up a charm to their personality and dressing. Some people wear hats to represent their profession. While on the other side, many celebrities and known athletes wear some specific type of hats as their signature style. Which then followed on a large scale by their fans and lovers.  Numerous amount of companies draft head wears of distinct categories. Just for fulfilling the huge scale requirements of quality production of a various assortment of hats, one of such company is LIDS.

LIDS is basically a sports group which is a subsidiary of Hat World, Inc. The company is composed of many departments including the LIDS retail headwear stores. The LIDS Locker room specialty fan retail chain, the LIDS clubhouse retail store and the Internet businesses. With more than 1000 store locations all over the USA including mall-based, street level, and factory outlet locations, and also working in Canada and Puerto Rico, the retail business supplies officially authorized and marked headgears belonging to collegiate teams as well as professional sports teams and fashion categories with exclusive designs and combinations. Shopping Center

Being a premier hat retailer, LIDS owns a wide selection of sports, fashion, and collegiate hats in a variety of unique formation and trends. No matter if a client needs a hat for some sports arena, a Houston Astros hat or a signature hat worn by some of the most popular athletes, they can get it from LIDS.

LIDS has established an online platform to support their hat sales on a larger scale. They accommodate exclusive and exciting services and great offers for those customers who are a big fan of sports and admire some particular athletes and want to adopt their signature hat styles.

Those people who are followers of certain sports teams such as Detroit Tigers and Houston Astros and they are willing to buy hats, oddity, and attire of these teams and related outfits just have to select the team name from the menu on the main page and all the items list will open up for them. LIDS mainly provides commodities belonging to teams MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, COLLEGE, and others. Users can search famous brands like Adidas, Nike, Jordan, DJK and many others on the page. Customers can make a purchase by price, league or category.

Another helpful service of LIDS is Lids Club Card which aids the clients in earning points on every purchase. The customer can register for the card by spending only $5. The information required comprises of personal information, email, password, loyalty club, favorite team, brand, and sport. Being a member is very fruitful in terms of promotions, special offers, birthday gifts and much more.


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