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www.myflorida.com/childcare is the website where you can see the courses offered by them. The child care training program from Florida Department of Children and Families offers 3 new courses. The name of courses are Safe Sleep Practices and Child Growth & Development. Moreover the last one is Guide to School-Age Program Quality Standards and Self-Assesment. All of these courses also have some short names like, SAFE, CGDR and SALT respectively.

www.myflorida.com/childcare – Intro & Overview

At www.myflorida.com/childcare the visitors can find information related with training courses. In addition to it find introduction to ChildCare, licensing and registration info about Child Care training. If you are looking for how to open a child care center then www.myflorida.com is the right place.

About Florida Child Care Training & Licensing

Child Care Licensing can never be obtain without proper child care training. The aim of this program is to train and give enough skills to assure quality in local care centers. To achieve this Child Care Department introduce the minimum level of training. This is required to open a Child Care center. Furthermore Annual education is also necessary for continue professional development.

The person who want a license for child care must be go through a comprehensive training and examination. There are three different types of levels which are design to help you get enough skills. At 1st level a specific Literacy Requirement is necessary. On the other hand 2nd level gives you introduction to child care training. Furthermore the third stage gives you training In-Service.

Now we will discuss these stages, at 1st level you are required to complete 0.5 continuing education. This should be from unit of approved training. Alternatively 5 hours of training equivalent training is also accepted.

At second stage total 40 hours of training process. This further splits in to 2 parts. In first part the plan time of course is 30 hours. It include child care center rules & regulation, health, safety and child nutrition. Furthermore this also includes identification and reporting of child abuse & neglect. Also you get training about child growth and development in this section.

Finally, the last stage gives you in-service training for First Aid, health and safety, CPR & much more.

The second stage of Introductory level will complete after a competency-based exam. You can schedule your exam by registering yourself online. Alternatively you can also make a call to Child Care Training Information Center at 1-888-FLCCTIC.

Further information can be downloaded through the official website. Download Provider Information From Here. Moreover to apply for food stamps and cash assistance Visit This Link. In addition to that all users can access the provider information related to child care providers in whole state. For this Click Here.


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