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www.mygiftcardsite.comMy Gift card Site offers you rewards in return for purchases Kroger & other group stores. Visit website to activate your Master, Visa card. My Gift Card site is a prepaid Visa Gift Card with the value which is limited to the amount of money you load onto the card when you purchase. – Intro & Overview

This card allows you to make purchases anywhere you want in U.S and at any time. You can use this Visa Debit card as cash to buy which is used without a PIN. You can manage your gift card at This Gift Card is an excellent choice if you are looking a gift for someone close to you. You can use it anytime and anywhere is U.S (where Visa cards are accepted).

Activation & Registration Process of My Gift Card Guide

For the activation of your VISA or MasterCard, you can use Pop-up windows are used to provide you with additional information on this site. If you are using Pop-up blocker software you may not be able to see full information on the site. So to get the complete picture you need to disable Pop-up blocker software.

You will need to enter first six digits of your card number to login and you will have to follow the process in order to activate it. You will need an updated browser with JavaScript. This is also a part of Kroger Personal Finance which offers rewards for purchases at any Kroger and group stores. You can visit at

If the site is not visible on Google due to certain reasons then you will have to direct copy-paste the link at browser address bar.

If you have any problem managing your online account or logging in or while using the gift card you can go to FAQ or call at 1-866-952-5653.


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