How to Enroll in myStonyfield Rewards Program


Stonyfield launches a reward program, learn how to redeem & check status of rewards with my Stony Field rewards program, find out details & info here.  Located in New Hampshire in the United States of America, Stony Field is an organic yogurt manufacturer company.

Stonyfield – Rewards Program Intro & Features

It has a history that dates back to 1983 when the Stonyfield farm was founded by Samuel Kymen. He found it as an organic farming school. The company claims to produce the best of organic yogurt in the United States. Moreover, new invention in the world of Stonyfield is the smoothie that comes with a foil less cap and can be carried with ease.

How Redeem Rewards from myStonyfield Rewards Program – Guide

In order to get facilitated by the StonyField rewards, one is required to follow up the following steps carefully:

  1. Search for any reward code on the product packaging. It can be anywhere.
  2. Visit the official website and signup for a rewards account.
  3. Sign into the specified account and enter the codes to the online account.
  4. After entering the code, one can save and redeem points the way he wants to.

Stonyfield purchases can help the users earn fruitful rewards. My Stonyfield reward got its extension due to immense audience response.

So it is advisable to keep eating the products and entering the codes so as to get the points. MyStonyField is known to be offering the biggest bargain in town that aids all users to get access to the organic food products and baby products too and what not it helps to aid all the non-profit organizations, hence proving to be the best choice for all customers out there.


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