Using Pandora With DirecTV

2 to use Pandora with DirecTV is an easy task, you just have to use activation code. Visit website and see details about it. Do you want to enjoy Pandora music on your TV? – Overview & Intro

If you have any issues while using the product, then you can simply connect with customer care team. New users can activate their accounts by entering the given code on your devices. Get your Pandora Radio services on DirecTV via internet just follow the steps below.

If you cannot access Pandora music because you subscribed to DirecTV then you have no need to worry. You can now easily access and enjoy your Pandora music station on your DirecTV.

Activate Pandora Music on Your DirecTV

  • Go to you TV and press the Menu button on your remote.
  • Select Extras from your options. Select Pandora.
  • When you will launch the Pandora application on you TV. After welcome screen, you will see the activation code on you TV.
  • Next, visit the link and enter the activation code you just saw on the TV.
  • You will see few steps to create a Pandora online account. Follow them to create an account but if you already have one then just log in.
  • After the processing, you will see a confirmation code on your screen. You TV will automatically be guided to your station list.
  • Now you can easily enjoy your favorite music stations on DirecTV with Pandora radio.
  • If you are asked to activate your Pandora than repeat the process on you PC. If you forgot the activation code then repeat the process on your TV.

Pandora Online Account

If you already had an online account on Pandora and you had set up the station list or other options according to your demands then all these settings will automatically be applied to your Pandora on TV.


If you have any more questions than you can contact Pandora help center or leave your questions in the comments below. You can contact Pandora by email. Just visit the link


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  1. Maureen A. Archibald on

    For more than a week I have been unable to access Pandora via Directv. Have called Directv customer service with the problem & was told by the rep it is an “obligation problem between Directv & Pandora & the engineers have been low informed”. Am able to use Pandora on my iPad & have no problem with my wireless hookup.

    I used Pandora on my TV on a daily basis & would like this problem fixed ASAP. Please notify me when this problem is addressed.

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