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0 is private pet grooming, supplies, & products retailer, Visit website to create account and get rewards & coupons, promotions, and discounts offers. The bond between pets and people is unique in most aspects; for one thing, it doesn’t involve endless chatter, you don’t have to resolve long-standing grudges every single day, and on a comparatively more pessimistic note, you have to provide for them.

But the cost of their care is nothing compared to the sense of satisfaction and pleasure their constant company brings to you; only a few joys compare to that of pet parenting.

‘If I had a pound for every time my dog made me smile I’d be a millionaire.’Anonymous

Petco has a mission of enhancing and empowering your relationship with your pets leading to a much better quality life for the innocent creatures who can’t voice their own needs and wants. Guided by a stand-alone motto ‘Healthier Pets, Happier people, Better World’ Petco strives to help you provide the most premium care to your pets. Petco offers foods and treats, cages, carriers, clean-up supplies, odor controls, harnesses, collars, leashes, grooming and bathing stuff, perches, playground, play stands and a lot more for your pets. With over half a decade’s experience of pet care,  helps your pets thrive. Free Member Account

If you are new to Petco, signing up for a free Petco account is a great idea. You’ll receive offers and benefits that will make you a permanent customer at Petco. You get to place your orders online with a single ‘log in’, enjoy a 5% discount on every purchase, track your order, check your Pals Rewards, and a $5 reward for a purchase of every $100.


It is a wonderful way to earn rewards while shopping for your pet’s favorite food items and other treats. Once you sign up for Pals Rewards membership in store, you will have to create an online account linked to the same Pals Rewards Account number to be entitled to the following perks:

  1. Update your account profile
  2. Track earning status
  3. Claim reward dollars

PALS members enjoy exclusive advantages listed below

  • 5 Reward dollars for every $100 spent.
  • Bonus offers to earn rewards even faster
  • Birthday surprises for your pets.
  • Daily savings on hundreds of products
  • Exclusive discounts and coupons.


This section features all the latest coupon and promotions in an easily accessible way. The Featured Offers are sure to make your jaw drop:

  1. Buy 1, Get 1 free deal on leap bound dog toys
  2. $650 in coupon, Ask for a New Companion Care Pack.
  3. Free shipping on repeat delivery

One of the latest offers is free shipping on $29 with the promo code ‘weekend’. Petco coupons can be redeemed for all types of purchases, in store or online. Make sure you read all the details of every promo before you use them at check out.


It is well known a fact that no matter how cute, a dirty and disheveled pet can make own your home a mess. Using the most advanced facilities and by ensuring meticulous standards,  strives to provide your pets with the best grooming care possible so that you can enjoy the company of your pet to the fullest. Each grooming session starts with a 7-point check system. You can book an appointment with your favorite stylist and enjoy a service that is worth spending your penny on.


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