How to Submit an Asurion Phone Claim


Go to and submit your Asurion phone claim using the Asurion phone protection plan if your phone is lost, stolen or broken. If you have lost your phone or it is stolen then you can submit an Asurion phone claim. But one is only eligible for this if he/she has bought wireless phone protection with Asurion. The person will get the replacement phone in a short period of time after the approval of claim at Asurion. Protection Works?

Asurion is an insurance agency and provides technology protection services to its customers. Besides to that, it also offers insurance coverage for your wireless devices. Asurion offers easy, fast and convenient services to its customers.

If your phone is lost, stolen or even it is broken then you will get a replacement of your phone after you submit your Asurion Phone Claim. The new phone will reach within 60-days right after you qualify for it.

How to Submit an Asurion Phone Claim?


To qualify for the service, you must also buy the Asurion Wireless Phone Protection plan with your phone. Right before you start using the phone moreover, you must have a phone number.

File up the claim, within 60-days of the incident (lost, stolen or broken).

Steps to Submit Claim
  1. Visit the Official Website of Asurion to make a phone claim request.
  2. To start over with this click on “Claim Now” button
  3. Now select your carrier from the available brands including AT&T, Cricket, Fido, Koodo, Freedom Mobile, nTelox wireless, MetroPCS, Sprint, Rogers, T-Mobile, Telus, Verizon, and Walmart.
  4. Complete the further information about the mobile and Asurion plan. This normally includes your name, email, phone number, shipping address, incident details, payment mode.

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