GameStop PowerUp Rewards Card Activation

2 – The GameStop PowerUp Rewards Card Activation can only be done by visiting website to earn points show the card while purchasing. The GameStop is sponsoring the GameStop PowerUp Program. – Intro & Overview

GameStop is the most famous and number one video game choice. GameStop PowerUp Rewards Card Activation is the program in which the customers can get the notices of the sales, promotions and also many other offers. You can score more points for the each game by showing this card when you are purchasing it from GameStop. When you stock the enough points, you can use them to purchase latest games and accessories.

How To Activate GameStop PowerUp Rewards Card

The process to activate the GameStop PowerUp Rewards Card is very simple, easy and can be completed online through If you want to activate your GameStop PowerUp Rewards Card, then simply follow the given below 4 steps:

  • Create an online account on the, if you already don’t have. You just have to enter your email address and write password. If you have an account on the, then there is no need to make a new account.
  • Then, click on the option “Login and Continue” and advance the activation process forward. You have to enter your card number present on the back side of the card to activate your card.
  • By completing the above step, you will be given more than 250 PowerUp points. You also need to select your contact preference list.
  • After that, you will receive the confirmation link on your email id.

There are basically two types of the GameStop PowerUp Rewards Card for which you can apply. First one is Basic membership card and the second one is a Pro membership card.


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