YouTube.Com Activate at Mobile Devices to See Videos

2 to sign in get activation code from pair Google YouTube on your Mobile devices, Xbox,Ps3, Apple TV and Smart TV. YouTube now is the biggest social media through which any type of videos can be watched. It is used for advertisements too. All the devices which do not allow YouTube now can watch it with YouTube app. YouTube app allows to watch all the awesome videos on your PC and smartphones. – Intro & Overview


YouTube App Sign-in Tips

Before you go towards the instructions remember you need google account which is must to continue. If yes then just simple download the YouTube app on the preferred device and then start the sign in process

  • After installation launch YouTube app and insert your google account in the app.
  • Open the link on your PC or any other device then sign in again with the same google account.
  • If you are using multiple accounts then choose one of them to activate. Insert same google id in app and your device to receive the code.
  • After signing in you will get an activation code from YouTube app. Insert that code in the browser where you have opened the link. “Continue” sign will appear click on it after this you will be given a chance to approve or deny connection. activate

  • If approved then you will see the confirmation popup.
  • That’s it you can now watch YouTube on your respected device.
Activate YouTube on SmartTV or Android TV

The Smart TV models from 2013 or later have the YouTube TV app in it by default. But, if one is looking to activate YouTube on old version then follow the steps above.

Activate YouTube on Apple TV

The 3rd and 4th generation of Apple TV have the latest version of YouTube App. Furthermore, there are some better content availability features in that version. Follow the steps available above to activate YouTube on Apple TV.

Activate YouTube on Xbox

Launch the YouTube App on Xbox, wait a few seconds. Now press A to reach the Sign-in screen. Besides this, another way to reach the sign in page is open YouTube App and then click on GUIDE on left now select Sign In.

Now open this link on another device, either computer or mobile. Sign in with the same account as you will be on Xbox and enter the activation code here from Xbox screen.

Activate YouTube on PS3

With the YouTube app for PS3, the users can view the subscribed channels, search videos and can also use mobile as a remote. Simply follow the steps below to activate YouTube on PS3.

From your PS3 console, navigate to Sign In and Settings section. Use the X-button to select Sign in, wait a while until you see activation code. Now from your Desktop or Mobile, visit and sign into the same account as on PS3. Enter the activation code here from PS3 and follow the prompts to complete the process.

Common Activation Issues and Troubleshooting

There will be a moment when you have signed in correctly but you may have an issue signing in. This can be due to a few reasons. Either you have already signed in with a different account or your account is linked with a Google+ page. It can be due to that, your device does not support channel management. Go to the YouTube app advanced account Settings and update the app if you are on the previous version.

If the device is linked with wrong YouTube account then simply sign out from YouTube app and log in again with the correct one.

YouTube app allows pairing with the smartphone which then can be used as a remote control and control the device easily. It is also the synchronized with the account any search from the connected account will then be shown on other devices in this way you don’t have to search it again. Activate code with smartphones (Android, iPhone, Samsung, Windows Phone, Amazon, Xbox, PS3, Apple TV and Smart TV). Activate Pair App Supported Devices

YouTube app supports many devices and easy to use. Now you can watch YouTube on smartTV, cable set-top box, game console, smartphones etc. all you need is a google account and you’re ready to go.

About YouTube App

YouTube was made as a video sharing platform through which many people can share their country heritages or other stuff so that people can discover more things around the world. Three PayPal workers laid foundation of YouTube in 2005 and then in 2006 partnered with Google. Many of the videos are offered free to view but the people who have bought the accounts from YouTube now can show their videos on their demand and they are not for free. Potentially offensive videos are available for registered users who are 18+.


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